B&W or DALI Grand

Has anyone compared Dali Grand's to B&W cdm NT9's, 803 or 802's? I currently own the NT 9's but I'm thinking of leaping over to Dali Grand's. The BW's are a very revealing/accurate speaker which have worked well for me but I thinking of Dali's primaly because of my room size and the speakers good looks (it's a wife thing)... thanks
the dali's tweeter is one of the best in the business imo. i would go with dali.
read this, best I could come up with for you.

Happy Listening

The Dali Grands are much better. The Grands have a much better bass response then the Nautilus 802 and 803. I thought the Grands were smoother sounding. I heard all 3 speakers at the Stereophile show in 2002.
Thank you for you're responses....
My front end consists of a Musical Fidelity Pre, Rotel AMP(200 w/per) and Rotel 971 CD and my listening area is approx 1200 s/feet with 16 foot ceilings. Would the grand's work well with my equipment and room dimensions, or should I stick with my B&W 9nt's?