B&W New Diamond Series?

My apologies if this has already been discussed repeatedly but I've been eager to learn more about the new Diamond series coming from Bowers and Wilkins.  Is there any word on a potential release date?  What improvements are rumored?  
I haven't hear details. Try calling a large dealer...
Reliable sources say September announcement. We shall see.



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Any links to pics of the new series, especially the 801D4U?
@ audioquest4lifeHow can I attach a pic to the post?

You have to link the pic to a photo web hosting site, Amazon photos, Google docs or cloud, yahoo photos, etc. 
Nice video, thanks!
I'm already lusting over the new 804D4, But my D3 sounds so good it would be hard to justify. I just wish my 804 was a little brighter...
I just received an email from my local dealer.  It says the new 800 Diamond series will be available to demo on September 1.

I'm looking forward to demo-ing it.
" I just wish my 804 was a little brighter..."

" I just wish my 804 was a little brighter..."

Yes my thoughts too. Already too bright at the 3k range and 8k imo. But I have not owned B&W in a long time. I just admire them from a distance as I love the look and the tech but not so much the sound…
I just saw the new D4 price list. They are a big jump from the D3 prices. The 805 model are now 8k vs 6k for the current D3’s. 

yes big price hike for sure but that is pretty much every brand right now. Magico and Focal were 25% or more. Klipsch just did 15% on their heritage line and none of those were model updates. 
If you have the money buy now before everything gets even more crazy.   
Classic features of inflation. Consumer panics thinking the longer they wait, the higher the price they will pay. Everyone buys creating shortage and pressure on price continues upward. But wait! Uncle Joe says "inflation will be temporary!". If you can't trust old joe, who can you trust?
Some dealers suggest it’ll take til 2024 for manufacturing to catch up to demand. Sellers market!