B&W 'New' 800 Series

I've reviewed the TAS Factory Tour and the 802 D3 details and am impressed with all improvements; and the common sense used.
I also find the new styling very intelligent related to dispersion. Comments?

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I did not like the new look either.  Like the last post, the Marlan head is not proportionate with the main cabinet.  And that's was the case with 802D2.  The head was over the top with its tail sticking out of the cabinet.  Atleast with new series, they managed to blend the Marland head with the rear metal plate, which is quite sexy IMHO. 

I personally liked the fuller sound and looks of 800D2 so I am holding my breath to see what they do with 800D3 next year.  

For now, I am very content to live with my 800D2's.  

@kot, what mediocre McIntosh amps BB paired 802D3's with?

Glad to hear you enjoyed the demo. IMHO, McIntosh / B&W does offer pretty good synergy. I did notice 800's sounded more natural and fuller compare to the pairing with Classe M600's.  
@joey_v ,

Give GIK Acoustics a call and speak to Bryan Pape. Great advise and reasonably priced room treatments.

Have Fun!