B&W 'New' 800 Series

I've reviewed the TAS Factory Tour and the 802 D3 details and am impressed with all improvements; and the common sense used.
I also find the new styling very intelligent related to dispersion. Comments?

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I'm not sure what Bo1972 is talking about. The 803 D3s don't fit his descriptions of the 802 D3 sound at all. I doubt they are that different with only 1" difference in driver size on the bass and mid-range drivers. These are the best sounding speakers I've heard in these price ranges (period!). The attack and decay of notes are accurate. The separation between instruments and notes is pristine. The soundstage is very large and immersive. Human voice is incredibly lifelike. When listening to acoustic material it feels like the musicians are in the room with me!

The 803 D3 could use a little more oomph at the sub hearing threshold frequencies, but otherwise the most accurate speaker I've ever heard.

Maybe the demo Bo1972 heard was set up piss poorly, or he is just trolling B&W. Both scenarios are pretty common around here apparently.
I swear some of the people who post here are heavily dosed on some combination of heavy drugs, possibly hallucinogenics....