B&W 'New' 800 Series

I've reviewed the TAS Factory Tour and the 802 D3 details and am impressed with all improvements; and the common sense used.
I also find the new styling very intelligent related to dispersion. Comments?

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Aintitgr8 - The break-in process you describe is commonly used, but it does not cut down on the time required. The speakers are aimed towards each other in close proximity and one of them is wired in reverse polarity (+ and - connections reversed). The benefit is that much of their sound output is cancelled (actually the mono portion of the signal only), so you can run them at higher volumes without their output being so loud due to the cancellation effect.
I recall Bo1972 was previously using and proclaiming the excellence of Onkyo and Integra preamp processors as being the holy grail in achieving his '3D' sound objectives.