B&W Nautilus Update?

While travelling over the holidays a retailer mentioned that a revision of the Nautilus is about to be released. We where discussing the 802's so I not sure if the comment is about that speaker or the entire series. Does any one know details?
I wrote B& a few months ago before i bought mine and they said the new nautilus will be 4 years from now since they normally upgrade every 10 years. If they lied to me I will forever curse B&W hahaha
I would imagine it is the entire series. I heard that they are trying to compete more with their signature line, especially since the new 700 series closely rivals the Nautilus line. (Not my opinion, just what I heard)
I would say that a complete revision will occur late next year with the NEW models shown at CEDIA. Talk (from dealers) is that the 800 Nautilus line will move upstream to compete with the Signature versions while the N700 series takes over the slot vacated by the N800. The advantage is "lower" pricing for essentially the same quality products but rebadged.
I heard much the same thing. Apparently, the tweeter on the 700 series is actually nicer than the 800 series. The tweets are similar to the signature series. He informed me that the 800 series will be updated soon. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the 703's are comparable to any 800 series speaker. Furthermore, they obviously don't offer a 700 series speaker that competes the "big" 800 series (802,801,800).