B&W Nautilus or Dali Euphonia

I'm Looking at this two Speaker for Hometheater application for a 7.1 set up. What speaker will you consider has the more potential for Hometheater? Which one would you prefer and why? In the B&W line I will consider the Nautilus 802 as main speaker.HTM1 for center, SCM1 for surround, On the Dali Euphonia I will consider MS4 as main, CS4 for center, RS3 for surround. Any imput will be highly appreciated.

People dont have any imputs? ;(

They do have, 5 of them, touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.....as for the outputs....don't think Agon is the place to mention them...jeje.

Seriously speaking, I can't help you with you questions because I've never heard any of them, but good luck !!!

B&W Nautilus for one simple reason. They are my dream system.
You're contemplating exactly what I did, with one small change, I got the N804's for the surrounds....you won't be disappointed.
Thank Ryder and Arthursmuck.May I ask you how good are they with the movies? Do you have pictures of your system?
You need to listen to them both, of course -- your own ears are the most important factor. I like B&W's -- but I like the DALI's even more! YMMV.
alot will depend on your listening room.

i think the dalis are the defacto state of the art however....you will need some distance between you and the front speakers.... they are not designed for nearfield listening and really need room to breathe.

hope that helps,

I have a B&W HTM1 and have been using four B&W N805s for fronts and surrounds for the past 6 weeks. I had planned to add a subwoofer to my setup but got laid-off 5 weeks ago because my high-paying IT job got outsourced to Malaysia! All my upgrade plans are on hold until this CCIE can get another job in Houston. Enough ranting.

However, since listening to just my 805s and HTM1, I'm very impressed with their bass output. I'm sure a subwoofer would add to my HT experience, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything in the meantime.