B&W Nautilus - jumper advice

Trying to get some ideas on jumpers for my Nautilus 805s. The ones included are pretty budget. Apparently, the supercool WBT powerbridges will not work. If I were to biwire, it would be too expensive, as I would have to buy another 6 foot pair of Audioquest SA-40. I want to use silver. Anyone have any ideas??
Have you considered using a jeweler's supply house? There are a bunch on the web. I looked into prices for silver wire back in July: 4 - 18 ga. wire, $8.95/oz, 20 ga. or smaller, $9.25/oz. The lengths per ounce for wire gauges people may be interested in are: 8 ga = 15", 10 ga = 2', 12 ga = 3', 14 ga = 5', 16 ga = 7.5'. You could buy an ounce or two of wire, and have a LOT left over. You could even buy the appropriate gauge teflon insulation(from a different source, but also VERY cheap!), if you felt the need. Do these low prices surprise you??? I guess we all are being absolutely RAPED(!!!) by the cable companies. The whole deal should be $20 or $30, tops(less if you do like the speaker companies and leave the jumpers bare). You could buy a large ga wire(like 10 ga), or braid smaller diameter, insulated wire. I would suggest running your cable to the mid/HF(in your case there are only 2 drivers) binding post, and using the jumpers to go to the LF binding post. That way, there would be no skin effect if you used a single, large gauge wire, and also LF drivers are less critical of wire than mid/HF drivers.
I have heard that an effective tweak is to use a small length of speaker wire. Perhaps you can find a short length and cut it up. It would probably be smart to use a good quality wire. Good luck.
I have tried two different setups for my 805's. I bought some MIT bannana to bannanas. These were 12" long. Did not like the looks or sound. Bought some bannana adaptors at Best Buy that take bare wire. Cut the MIT's down to just barely go from top bannana to the bare wire adaptors on the bottom. Much better. Started thinking of how to improve bass response. It still was not satisfying. Took MIT's off. Had some Audioquest type 4 cable in the basement. Cut 4 sections approximately 2 1/2" in length. Took the sheath off, cut 1/2" off each end of individual wires. Stuffed 4 conductors in the bannana adaptor, twisted the conductors, and went bare twisted into the bottom lugs. Bass doubled. It is not boomy by any means, but from approximatly 45 Hz up it is very full. The Audioquest I used is old cable, but there has to be something equivilent to it now. It will cost you $15 for the bannana adaptors, and maybe $2 for the wire. I really don't believe that you need silver for what you are after.