B&W Nautilus 804 Speakers + MAC4300V?

I have 100 wpc 4300v Mcintosh receiver. Will it be enough to power a pair of B&W Nautilis 804s?
I would post this question over at the HT Guide Forum in the B&W area. I suspect your 100wpc Mac will be able to drive these fine if the power rating is reliable. I am using a Rotel RMB1077 rated at 100wpc as well however I am biamping and biwiring them.
Thanks Bullitt. I'll try that.
I don't remember exactly, but the 804s are fairly sensitive. I ran mine with a 20-watt MF class A amp and then "upgraded" to a 100-watt Classé integrated. Both were more than fine/sufficient for my listening needs, though the MF was by far the superior amp. My one overriding complaint about the B&Ws was that they sounded superb with volume driven by good, clean watts ... and provided even bigger, intact music with even more good, clean watts. On low volume, when I just wanted to enjoy music without big sound ... that just wasn't their strength. Everything else was, though.

You'll be okay, as long as you know what the speakers are ... and aren't.
you will be fine