B&W nautilus 804 for linn classik?

Hello all,

I am contemplating buying the B&W nautilus 804
as speakers for my linn classik, the main idea
being that I want to upgrade my whole system in
the next year or so and am starting with the
speakers. Of course, until I do upgrade the amp,
the classik will be paired with the 804s.
I liked the sound a lot when I listened to
the combo, but realize that there may be
issues with the linn's power.

What's your take?

I have a Linn Classik (K) with B&W n805s and a REL subwoofer. The classik has enough power for most listening as long as you're not trying for concert levels. The n804s require a little more power than the n805s for the bass. I wouldn't recommend the combo for long term, but you said you were begining on an upgrade path.
If the Linn Classik is temporary, I suggest that you buy speakers that you like, fit your budget and, MAINLY, fit your listening room. Joel
For $800, you can add an LK85 to your current system to biamp. The Classik K / LK85 combo should be able to easily drive most speakers...
I agree with Jk, and feel that the 805 w/sub is FAR preferable to the anemically-voiced 804. If you want a three-way at the 804's price point check out my fave, the Revel F30...or stretch to a 803N if you listen in the farfield only, for more $$. Just my $0.02
804s with sub have much more integrated lower midrange than 805s with sub. I have both.
I have both the 804's and the 805's . I love the 804's . I'm getting a much better sound field from the 804's.
I have 804's powered with Classe ca300 amp, Classe cp50 pre-amp, and they sound terrific. I also use a HK AVR500 surround sound processor for HT and they sound great with that as well. But for straight music, they need a good amp/pre-amp combo.