B&W Nautilus 803's and Plinius SA-102??

Has anyone tried this combo? I've been searching for an amp to use for 2 channel only and to be honest everytime I think I've found "the" one I start to have doubts. I know I should listen myself at the dealers, but I feel extremely guilty going into dealers and wasting their time when there is no way in hell I'm going to buy this stuff retail. Been there...done that and took a bath when I changed my mind.

Anyway, I'm interested in a used Theta Dreadnaught II, Pass Labs X250 or lately the Plinius SA 102. I'd like the SA250IV, but at $5000 used it's quite a bit more than the SA 102. I don't think I'd like the Levinson stuff, but I might be up to the newer Classe amps. Bryston doesn't seem to give me what I need either. I wouldn't mind a tube amp. I looked at the Premier 140, but that's $5000 used too. Seems to me with the Plinius I get tube sound with SS slam and at under $3000 used with the SA 102 it seems like a good compromise.

I'm going to eventually pair this with either a tube pre like the CJ 17LS or run a CD player direct like the Resolution Audion Opus 21 or something like that.

I listen to ALL kinds of music, BUT it must sound good playing Jazz and Blues and specifically Robert Cray and Patricia Barber as they are on my frequent play list. I also listen to rock too...like Korn.

Any thoughts would be helpful.
I brought my Plinius SA100 MKIII and Rogue 99 Magnum over to a friends house and hooked them up to his 803s and it was nice but a Rowland Concentra II was obviously better. The clarity and presence improved, the music became very palpable with the Concentra II. The Plinius is no slouch, it was just system matching IMO.
I read the SA 100 and the SA 102 sound differently with the 102 being more like the 250IV. I'll check out the Concentra II.
I used the 803's with the SA-102 for the last year,
and was very happy with the combination. (I used these with
both the CD-Lad preamp and with a C-J Premier 17LS.)
I found the combination you particularly good for acoustic guitar and blues, and especially with the CD-Lad fairly decent for rock.

Thank you. That is exactly the info I was looking for. Did you feel that it was underpowered at any time? One of the things I'm worried about is the power level. Of course the 250IV is more powerful, but some seem to think that it is better at all levels.

Can you elaborate further on the sound of the 17LS and SA102 combo?

Thanks again.
Ok, I've got the SA-102 at home for an audition. They've got a demo unit that is priced right so I might buy this one. It sounds pretty damn good. While I was at the dealer I listened to their Naim stuff. Man the all Naim and Proac 2.5's sounded awesome. Even the Proac bookshelf speakers sounded good.

I'm thinking of getting rid of all my stuff and "converting" to Naim and Proac. Only problem is I like this SA-102 and I think she's a keeper.