B&W Nautilus 803 or B&W 702 S2?

I'm currently sporting Paradigm 60 v3 for my fronts and considering purchasing B&W Nautilus 803 that are 10 years old or purchasing new B&W 702 S2.  My room is 25 x 20 feet, using Anthem A5 currently with McIntosh 135. Which would be a better fit based on these specs...and am I better off keeping the Paradigm's?
About 15 years ago, I drove B&W Notilus 801 with Jadis 500.

That combination gave most powerful bass and wide soundstage that I had at my home. 

I used CEC TL0 and DCS Elgar for front end.
B&W speaker sound fidelity beats any other speakers in every class for musicality, transparency, detail, sound stage - they sound as close to live music as you will get.

My 2 cents I'm driving my 802D3 with Tenor OTL and generally don't push them to 90db at the listening location, the sound is exquisite.  They seem to still have headroom if you can stand to be in the room above 90db, no stress on the amp or the speakers.  I've recently invested in an Accuphase DG 68 to overcome room acoustics and am interested to see if it really is worth the money, on Fleetwood Mac and Jars of Clay now I'm getting satisfying bass and low end otherwise on most recordings it's slim.  Ensuring the spikes are dug in and the nuts are locked make a difference tightening up and defining the bass.

@gebowers In my experience B&W speakers sound very "hi-fi", with boosts in upper mid to make it seem more impressive upon show room audition, however over long listening periods the presentation become unnatural and fatiguing.