B&W Nautilus 802 vs. ProAc Responce 2.5

Could anybody give me some advice, what to choise?
I can't hear them a/b because they are in each end of the country, but would like to buy the "best" of them.
I have Cary Audio Tube amps but planing to change to ML.
Please help!!!!!!!!!
B&W: More accurate. ProAc: More magical.
I have Cary amp and ProAC speakers. Can't see any reason
to change from that.

I believe I've read that the proacs are more efficient - have you compared the #s?
To Tweed; what kind of ProAc do you have? I have ProAc Studio 250 but planning to upgrade to Responce 2.5 or B&W N802!
The 802 cost a lot more than the 2.5
Do anybody know if it is worth the ekstra money from ProAc Studio 250 to Responce 2.5???
I Can't compare, they are to far away (used speakers).
The Proac's will sound the best with the least amount of effort in component and cable matching. IMHO when things are set up optimally the Nautilus 802 will easily surpass the Proac in definition and bass impact.
I do not own either speaker but have heard them both. If your listening room is very large, I feel the 802s would be a better choice, otherwise go with the 2.5s and spend the money you will save on great music.
Happy listening,
I'm with Tweed. The Cary amps combined with the Response 2.5's is a wonderful match, and will provide a warm, lively, and very musical sound. The B&W's, especially with ML amps (a better match than Cary IMO), will produce a sound with greater speed and definition, but for me is a little bit too dry. Its all a matter of taste, and your ears will be the best judge of what sounds good to you.

A word of caution though - the 2.5's are not terribly efficient speakers, and the smaller Cary amps (SET's) will likely have some trouble driving them. I'd stick with the PP amps with these speakers.

As for your other question, I find that there's quite a difference between the Studio and Response series speakers. The Response speakers produce a fullness, soundstage, and midrange clarity that is unmatched by the Studios. I think that youÂ’d find a dramatic, and wholly positive improvement by upgrading.

From a personal standpoint, I've been using ProAc 2.5's with CJ amps for several years and have been very happy with the sound.

Good luck,
Thanks for your advice, it is great to hear your highly professionals advice. I think I will try to upgrade to Responce 2.5 so, but how would they sound with ML?
My problems could be, that my Cary's are only 40 watts and now I have some problems with driving the Studio 250 is the 2.5 easier to drive?
I have heard some SS amps and I like this fast acurate sound, which are the reason I plan to change!!!
I forgot to say, that my listening room are 4,5 * 4 meters and my equipment are all highend tubes pre/amps with the highest levels of cables from Vantage (the best in my opinion). My cd player are ML 36s/37.
Typically the B&Ws work better with High Current amps and mostly SS. I own the matrix 803s and although they are efficient 91 db, they require a lot of juice to make them sing. Hope this helps. Overall I would prefer the N802s to the Pro AC but there is a price to pay and I think in that price range, there would be moer speakers to consider along with the N802s.
I would definitly chose the Proac Response 2.5 over the 802's. Even though the 802's actually are cheaper where I live. The only reason I would choose the 802's was if I had to play louder than the 2.5 can handle. The 2.5's has more soul and musicality than the 802's and isn't the music what it's all about???
What about the ProAc future series?
The future .5 are warm and very detailed, with an ultra fast and soft tweeter.