B&W Nautilus 802 versus Matrix 801's

Here is the situation:

Currently running 3 B&W Matrix 801II across the front stage of a home theater. Considering heading to the Nautilus 802 and HTM-1 combo.

My guess is I will not lose much in theater (although running an 801 as a center is amazing) but I am concerned about 2 channel. Have you and insight, knowledge, or experience with these comparisons?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hello, I'm a B&W Nautilus owner and former Matrix ownwer. You will have absolutely no regrets by moving up to the Nautilus. The difference in the sound quality will be night and day, stereo or home theater. 3 of the many improvements in Nautilus over Matrix: Nautilus head and tweeter. Better midrange driver, 91 db efficiency vs. 87 db in the matrix. I can keep going but I won't. Go out give them a listen the speaker will sell itself.
Hello, I'm also a B&W Nautilus 802 owner and former Matrix owner. I totally agree with Pman172. I had the N.802 for about 18 months now and it is better than my old Matrix. The N.802 tweeter and midrange are so much better. Try to loan a demo pair at dealer like I did and put it side by side with your Matrix. I bet you will fall in love with Nautilus.G ood luck.