B&W Nautilus 802 transport question, please help

I will buy a used 802, no box. Does it have to be upright position during the transport all the time? Will a mini van (DODGE ARAVAN) be suitable for it? If the height is not enough, will lay it down damage the speaker/driver?

Thanks in advance for your post!
IIRC, there is a transit clamp for the midrange driver that you access under a rubber plug at the rear end of the MR enclosure. Check with B&W or a dealer. Perhaps there's mention of it in docs on the B&W website.
How far are you going? Mine were transported from the dealers show room laying down in the back of a Land Rover on some quilts. The trip was about 45 miles and no other precautions were taken. I liked them and bought them and still own today.
I would pick up foam egg crate mattress comfort pads at a local store. I have used 2 queen/king size pads to pick up B&W M801 3's, N802's, Sig 30's, Wilson Audio Sophia's, & just lately Talon Khorus's. Never any issues, also bring cardboard, & some old blankets. And most important 1-2 strong Friends! Good Luck

P.S. Don't take any sharp turns at high speed!!!
Thanks for all your post. So, laying down is not a problem if I have plenty of quilt/pads, right? If this is OK, I don't have to worry about the size(height) of the van. The distance is far, some 300+ miles..
What is this clamp for? I think I read it from somewhere, is it necessary? I am afraid it's missing...
The clamp is a silver dollar sized aluminum washer. It is used w/ a Transit Screw to lock-up the FST factory tuned Midrange assembly. This is done by B&W for international shipping.

If your moving them is gentle like from moving them from your Living Room 300 miles to your Listening room. IMO you should not need them. You are going to baby them in transit anyhow, right. Your local B&W dealer may have some lying around in a junk drawer they could give you?

Think of them as the Transit Screws that Pioneer used to lock the Drawer on their Elite line of Laserdisc Players.
They where just used to keep everything aligned incase of shipping abuse.

If your using a Mini Van make sure since I guess your taking out the back seats? That all connection brackets are recessed into the floor of you van not to gouge the cabinets.

I would load up the Van w/ as many items of padding as you can, even if you have to borrow blankets from everyone on you block? As I transported mine w/ the drivers facing up!
Heavily padded between both speakers, & on both sides between the vehilce walls so the N802's couldn't roll. I only had 35 miles to travel, yet It offered piece of mind to know the Drivers where safe!