B W Nautilus 802 set-up

I'd like to hear from some N802 owners regarding room set-up, like how far out from the back wall as measured from the front baffle have you positioned them? How much toe in do you find best, crossing point in front of the main point or behind, or aimed direct? Have you tried the supplied spikes and if so what are your results.
Speakers are about 36" from the front wall (treated with ASC panels at the reflection points and Skyline diffusers in between) and 100" apart in an equilateral triangle with regard to the listening position. The listening position is about 24" from back wall (treated with Skyline diffusers). The component rack is between the speakers. The speakers are aimed at a spot just behind the listener’s head. Supplied spikes are very good and worth installing - my floor is heavy pad/carpet over concrete slab and the spikes get the speaker off the carpet. Hope this helps - Dan.
I don't have the N802's but I do have the N803's. Anyway, I wanted to chime in on something I've realized in regards to speaker placement. With the Nautilus line you have to ensure that there is nothing in the middle of the speakers that will obstruct the line between the tweeters. I currently have my components on an end table, until my entertainment center is built. Anyway, I currently have the N803's about 3 feet from the back wall. I noticed that once I pushed them back more towards the wall, at a point in which the components were in the middle of the tweeter line (between the speakers), that it drastically reduced the soundstage and lost a lot of imaging.

I also have mine about 100" apart in an equilateral triangle to the listening position. But I found better imaging once I pointed the speakers towards the end of each side of the couch, with the listening position being smack dab in the middle. Good luck. N802's are awesome, and my next speaker. ;) I'd be curious to hear what amps you are both running.
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I've owned my 802's for 3 years, and love 'em. Mine are on thick padded berber carpet and the spikes really helped clean up the bass. I wouldn't be without them. They are in a 15x16 room. 70" from the back wall and 3' from the side walls. They are aimed direct, for the most part. Possibly, very slightly behind my ears. I've found that having them closer to the back wall mainly compresses the depth of the soundstage, but also effects the clarity of the sound. I've played with their setup alot. My dealer has his about 2-3' from the back wall and barely toed in, in a ~15x30 rectangular room. He has a nasty midrange room resonance problem with this setup. Mine are biwired with a single run Audioquest Midnight. I've also raised the cable off the carpet with some stoneware cups.