B&W Nautilus 802 Owner

802 natillus owner, is it ok for the 802 to play in room 14 X 20 I am afraid it will be too much for the room sound will bounce off the wall. Any info will be grealy appreciated.
13x24 and loving every minute of it. I have ASC 8 wall panels on each side and 2 traps in front and some help from Acousticsfirst.com on the ceiling. I couldn't be happier and have heard so many sound worse. You need to just block first reflections which you can find with a small mirror and flashlight, and you can also refer to "High End Audio" by Robert Harley or look into PSAudio.com for room tips. Happy listening. :-)
Your room is not too small for the N802. I agree with Krell1 about the need for room treatments. This is true for any room.
My living area is only slightly larger than yours and I had a pair of N-802's that performed quite nicely. Just don't skimp on the acoustic treatment or they can sound very unpleasant.

Happy Listening,