B&W Nautilus 802 or Krell Resolution 2

I'm considering one of these two speakers to match-up with existing Krell electronics in a 20' x 26' room with good acoustics. Does anyone have an opinion on the differences of these models? I'm well very familier with the N802 but don't have a chance to listen to the Krell (no Krell speaker dealers in S. FL).
If you like what you hear from the B&Ws go with them.You cant go wrong with B&Ws.Ive changed amplification 6 times wound up happy with my Krell mono blocks never would change the 802s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you go for the Krell's go for the bigger pair. Personally I found it to be a far superior speaker.

FYI; I own the B&W 800's

Sorry I can't compare the two but your room size is critial. I have 802's in a 15' x 26' room and they wook great. I always buy what I like with the realization that they have very good resale value. I bet you can buy a black pair in great shape for $4000. You can have them for tow years and still get $3200. That way you can always upgrade later.
Yes, resale is a very important consideration as is asthetics, both have kept me from buying the Revel F50 and Focal.JMlab 936/946. The Krell Resolution 2 has been offered to me through two different Dealers at deep discounts (near-used-prices), which bothers me when you consider the fact that B&W Dealers have all to do to knock-off 10% off retail, if that, most sell 800-Series at full-retail and won't even consider discounting. Also, since 1999 I've never read one negative sentence about the Nautilus 802, the speaker has an impeccable reputaton among the Hi-Fi press/professionals. BTW: I've owned both the N803 & N804,I'm just trying to branch-out a bit on this next purchase.
I think there is almost no comparison between the N803s, N804s and the N802s. I also had these and the upgrade is awesome. You can find used N802s for a great price and because of the reputation, they are always desirable. If you live around New York or Los Angeles, they are always availble used. Otherwise shipping is costly. I think these speakers are a great balance of musicality and clarity. Bass is a little weak but I still LOVE them.
Sorry I see you live in Florida. I have seen them used there many times. I would be patient and try to find them where you could audition them at someones house. Best way to buy for sure.
I'm very familiar with both. LUV B&W but Krell knocked one out of the park with the Resolution 2. The Resolution is a better speaker. Vocals are crystal clear and extremely natural. I found the purity of the tone of the speaker flat-out uncanny. Only thing that I like that can match them are Wilsons that cost quadruple the price. Wilsons are the only other speakers that I could tell you that I find have a similar sound. I can't fathom anyone hearing the N802 and Resolution 2 in the same system and not choosing the Krell. I'm neutral. I don't own either brand and have respect for both. Krell surprised me. I never expected such a stellar speaker from a company known for amplifiers. I'm so confident, the I wouold tell you to buy the Resolution 2 even without and audition. Best speakers I've heard in the price range in several years and I believe I've heard 95% of the stuff in that range.