B&W Nautilus 802 bass removal

I need to replace the bottom bass speaker in my B&W Nautilus speaker. How to I remove the speaker from the cabinet? I've removed all of the screws and the speaker will not come out. Any one with experience that can help me would be appreciated

Probably has a gasket or some sealer that is stuck to the woofer housing and the wood.

You will have to carefully pry the woofer loose from the cabanit with a rigid piece of plastic or wrap some kind of tape around a flat screwdriver blade and be careful.Double check also that you did remove all the mounting screws.

Best of luck to you,

Thanks for the responses and the previous threads regarding the removal of a b&w 802 woofer. I was able to successfully remove the bottom woofer via suggestions from members of Audiogon. It wasn't easy.

First I purchased for under $10 a automotive pick and hook set of small tools and removed the top woofer it came out somewhat easy. Then I was able to push on the bottom woofer from the inside but  to no avail.

So, I took a 9 inch C clamp and placed the top part on the magnet housing inside of the bottom speaker and then placed a thin piece of wood across the front of the speaker and tightened the clamp until the bottom woofer popped out.

To my dismay I discovered that both speakers are bad by comparing them to a new OEM B&W replacement. Now I'm in the search for another B&W 802 Nautilus woofer. Any help?

I also have been looking at companies that do speaker repair. Does anyone have any suggestions as who to use or maybe not use?

Thanks in advance