B&W Nautilus 802

What amp and processor to use with them?
Need to use it for listening as well as home theater.
Would B&K reference 200.5 amp an the 50 processor work?
B&K would be a nice choice but if you already liek the tone of the B&W I woudl go with he Bryston Pre/Pro combo. Sonically the sound of stereo sources will be better with the Bryston and its full analog bypass. In addition HT duties will never be wanting for more power than any Bryston amp can dish out.
Thankyou for your response. Which models in Bryston would you use? Should I use the 5 channel amp or use a 2 channel and a 3 channel amp.Which processor to use? How important is to to have a analog bypass input?
I have the Krell AVS which you can find them for a good deal usually. I use it with a Krell 300S and KAV1500 for 7 channel connected all balanced interconnects. It all sounds totally scary-real IMHO with the N802's, and they will reveal all upstream. Happy listening. :-)
I would second Krell1's suggestion. Go with the krell components. They mate quite nicely with the Nautilus line (Former N-802 owner). Also I'd suggest you pick up some Transparent cables while your at it.

Happy Listening,

Might I suggest the Krell FPB-300, KRC-HR
I audition this 802's with my plinius sa 100, they sounds
great,iam using adcom pre gfa 750,with tara lab cable.
Krell are good match to them,but plinius are more musical
IMHO and cheaper here at audiogon.The dealer was shock
when He came to my house and heard this combinations,
He end up listening to my system.Do yoursel a favor
dont buy until you try one.