B&W Nautils 803 vs. Spendor 9e

I am trying to choose between these two.
Any suggestions based on 'real life' experience?

FYI my room:
Square 13' X 30'. Speakers cannot be placed more than 2 - 2.5' from tha back wall and 1 - 1.5' from the sidewalls. Hardwood floors with enough furniture (including rug right in front of the speakers) to break standing waves. Speakers must be placed on the short side of the room.

Krell FPBcx amp
Krell KRC-2 preamp(soon to be replaced with KCT)
NAD 542 CD (even sooner to be replaced)

Thank you for your help
OK- Lou, I have spendor s9's with krell monos 200w each, I did have b&w matrix3's , The s9's are allot more neutral and not as loud as the b&w's . The s9's like allot of power your krell amp should do very well with the spendor s9's.
With krell Id recomend the s9's A much richer and acurate speaker. jeb83r