B&W N805 vs. Von Schweikert VR1

Listening preferances: light/contemporary rock, jazz, blues. Currently running B&K AVR305 and an unmentionable DVD/CD player. I have owned the N805's for a little over a year and am planning upgrading to larger fronts (Either N802 or Von Schweikert's VR4-JR)but if I am going to switch speaker manufacturers I would like a smallish pair to break in, in the mean time. Those speakers will eventually go to the rear for an SACD setup. I am all but sold on the Von Schweikert speakers, but wanted a second opinion. Thanks for your input!
I owned a pair of B&W805n's also. A few months ago I was looking to upgrade. Listened to about a dozen different manufacturers. Ended up with B&W805N Signitures. More detail, better mids, more "rightness" to the music. They are a big improvement over the "stock" 805's; worth a listen.

Good Luck.
I second Prpixel. I moved from N805s to S805s and they definitely sound far more natural, balanced and have better bass. The improvement over the N805s is remarkable and definitely they are a serious contender when considering high end standmounts.