B&W N804 VS Paradigm Studio 100 V3


I'm looking for opinion on B&W N804 and Paradigm Studio 60 V3.
I've owned a Paradigm S2, but I want a full size speaker.
The full size Paradigm S8 is too expensive, So I will stay
with the Studio line. I can get a B&W N804 for around the
same price as the 100.

I would love some input on this.

If you are looking for a full sized speaker for output and bass reach I'd say that the 100's are a better bet than the N804. The 804's would offer a more refined sound but since you've owned S2's and gotten rid of them, my guess is that you have priorities other than sheer refinement. JMO
Greg - I listened to both of these speakers at length over a year ago. I chose the 804's because I felt they provided a more realistic presentation for jazz, acoustic and chamber music with better detail. I do listen to some pop (Steely Dan, Van Morrison) and orchestral stuff and they do fine. The mid-range on 804's is quite good. The bass is tighter and less pronounced. One drawback is that I occasionally (maybe 5% of the time) sense that the drivers don't integrate the way I perceive they should. This could the recording, however. Both reviewer's (Soundstage and 10 Audio) thought the drivers integrated quite well. I have been using various tube amps (VTL, ARC, and Rogue) with excellent results.

The 100's clearly had fuller bass. I thought there was a slight edginess to the 100's although it wasn't so objectionable that I would not have purchased them. Mids were very good. Imaging was a bit better on the 804's but that was likely due to the room and set-up.I thought both speakers were pretty musical and I could have lived with either. (In the end, my wife liked the 804's much better, but she thought she was getting a free turkey baster.)

You don't say what kind of music you listen to or what the front end is, and that could make a difference. . As always, try to audition both in your own room. Good luck.
Thanks Midirons. I have an all rotel setup. 1072 CD player,
RC-1090 pre-amp and currently a rb-1080 amp (going to a 1090).

I don't really need alot of base. I do like a very
detailed sound. I felt with the S2 that I was missing
out on some music. The S4's were better, but just slightly.
I just want a speaker that's able to reproduce more of the
recording well, without costing a fortune.
Greg - the music you're missing must be in the lower octaves because the S2 and S4 are very detailed and surely present everything within their range well. I really do like my 100's, have 2 pairs - one front one rear.
The 1072 CDP and 1090's will work well with either speaker. It's just a matter of which sound you like. In any event, you are certainly on the right track! And just think, after you've selected the speaker, you can start messin' with cables!!!
I know Matti. My wife is wondering if this will ever end.