B&W N804

On one of my posts I mentioned that earlier this week I went to audition several speakers. The LINN ESPEK,PMC OB1,and the B&W 804's. The amp used for all three speakers was the LINN 2250. I know that the PMC's are well matched with Bryston amps and LINN matches their amps to their speakers but what about B&W. Aside from the Bryston and LINN amps my dealer also carries Anthem. I did at an earlier time hear the PMC/Bryston combo and found it quite good.

I'm new to the 2 channel audio world so my question is which of the three amps would best suit the B&W's. In the next few weeks I plan to revist and this time I'll bring my CDP(JoLida JD100a). Should I keep the amp/speaker combo's the same or should I insist that different speakers be connected to different amps.

My experience with the N803 Bryston 3BST/BP20 set-up was fine initially but the high-end began to become wearing - too hot and all too often, piercing (particularly the violins). I later swapped the BP20 pre for a tube pre and following that, the 3BST for a class A amplifier. Much happier with the initial change and very happy with the final result. Still have plenty of detail without the screech.
The Nautilus 804 sounds best with an Amplifier of at least 400-wpc into 4-ohms. I found excellent results with Krell. Also, make sure that you use a very good source component. I would look for a Disc Player with an "A+" or "A" rating to use with these very revealing Speakers. Anything less than the above will result in much frustration, believe me I know.
Thanks for the inputs. Is there anyway way to tell what rating my Level-2 modded JoLIda JD100 from underwood hi-fi is. Of course I myself like to think that it is an A+ player.

As for the amps I'm looking into the Plinius 9200 and the Krell 300iL/400xi. I can't listen to the Plinius as I have yet to find a Canadian dealer. I am though able to listen to KRELL but not with B&W speakers.

Which ever I go with it will be based upon reviews and recommidations from both the Audiogon and Audio Asylum members. So the Krell was already mentioned how about the Plinius.

I do like the fact that the Krell has a Home Theater Throughput operated from the remote compared to the Plinius which has a switch on the back of the unit.


I own a pair of 804s and have been very satisfied running them with a Wadia 301 CD player and Rotel RB1090 power amp (380w/ch. However I've just recently changed my amp to a pair of Jeff Rowland 201 mono block amps (250w/ch). The improvement was very impressive - more refinement, clarity and musicality. The 804s require good quality electronics to take advantage of their high resolution and transparency. They are also current hungry and require a reasonably powerful amp to express their full sonic qualities.

I'd recommend listening to the now affordable Jeff Rowland 201s amps, but if your budget is limited give the Rotel RB1090 power amp a try.

I know that this might not be the best way for 2-channel playback but due to space limitations my system is HT/2 Channel. This is why I'm considering intergrateds that incorporate a HT passthrough.

The other route is to get a HT pre amp that does 2-channel well. My choices would be the Brytson SP1.7 and the Anthem D1 that's all that my budget will allow. I would have to get amps first as I'm using a reciever.