B&W N803 versus Dynaudio Contour 3.4

I am in the final stages of making a speaker decision. It has been approximately 15 years since I last bought speakers and would like to get a decent set around $5000 which I plan to keep for a few years. I am down to the B&W N803's and Dynaudio Contour 3.4's. Honestly, I cannot decide. I like both sets. This is a great forum with very informed individuals and I would like your input. Which of these two do you like best and why? Why would I want to purchase one set over the other? I am putting together a combo HT and stereo system in the same room. I will use them about 60-40, HT versus music. If it matters my room is app. 19X20 with 16ft ceilings. Thanks in advance for your input.
If you buy used, you can probably get a pair of Nautilus
802's for around $5,000. I like the 803's, but if I were
buying B & W, I'd rather have 802's. I've never heard the
Contour 3.4's so I can't help you there.
I think you'd have an easier time matching the B&W stuff in a HT setup.

I owned most of the B&WMatrix and a few Nautilus, and currently own both the Dynaudio Special25 & the Dynaudio S3.4's...

here's my review of the S3.4 if you are interested.

Dyn & B&W
I got the N803s and the smaller HTM (can't remember if they're HTM1 or HTM2) for a HT setup. I liked the Dynaudios too. But for me the B&Ws were more subtle sounding, less metalic. Plus my wife liked the look of them and they don't have a flat top to put nick nacks on. Plus my brother-in-law runs B&Ws (Matrix) and he was a pro musician. Either way I think you're looking at awesome speakers, but I would second another poster in saying that used N802s are up another fairly clear notch in the sonic spectrum.
Lucynbarney - I find it interesting that you would describe any Dynaudio product more metallic than N803's. My ears tell me the exact polar opposite. It's worth noting that it could be the associated equipment and/or setup introducing a metal or a non-metal sound in either speakers you auditioned.
I'm with Dmichael. I have not owned either, but I've auditioned a couple of models of Dynaudio and a handful of B&Ws and I would say that as a group B&Ws sound more zippy, which may or may not be to one's liking.

Personally, I've never really been a fan of B&W products.
First let's recognize that the Dynaudios are outstanding speakers. So are B&W Nautilus speakers (which doesn't say anything about the value proposition offered by either manufacturer). When I auditioned both speakers they were in different systems. I heard what I heard. I had to make a choice. And some part of my decision wasn't based on pure sound quality either. I confess, for example, that a flat-topped speaker was asking for unnecessary ornamentation ! Hell at Christmas the B&Ws have stuff hanging from the tweeters. C'est la vie.
Lucynbarney - please take this as constructive critisizim. I have made many audio buying decisions putting greater weight on aestethics versus pure performance. My experience is that most of the time I regretted my choice when aestethics ruled my decision and later had to replace it. Lessons learned. May I suggest to you that when you are comparing 2 of anything, try to audition within the context of the same system/room. This is the only way to truly understand what something sounds like. I know, it is near impossible these days, but if you can do it, in the long run, it will help you to get the overall sound you are looking for and you will be happier for it. I love the N803's. They really sounded their best when I heard them with a Meridian CDP, VTL 5.5 tubed pre and a big Goldmund SS amp. This was a truly great combo. Enjoy!
You know we're in 'violent agreement'. But auditioning within the context of the same system/room isn't practical within the lofty heights of higher-end audio, especially 'cause I live miles away from any decent AV store. In fact your comment brings to mind something that was happening in UK when I left. Folks there had the bright idea that speakers in a listening room influenced the sound even if they're just sitting there passively. Hence for true auditions the poor guys used to wheel in and out speakers. Incidentally when I auditioned the speakers I made sure any external sub-woofer was not on because I didn't want that to influence my decision. In the end I've lucked-out 'cause I bought good equipment (better than I need or deserve) that seems to work well together - Bryston SP1, Pass Labs X5, N803s. I, too, love my N803s. As does my wife, especially at Christmas. She's not so happy about some aspects of the electronics, what with blue lights and remotes and stuff though. No where safe to put stuff, 'cause they get kind of hot.