B W N803 ,B W N805 B W HTML-1

Who has this speaker setup for their home theater? If you do have this setup please tell us what type of electronics you are running. Thanks in advance!
Bryston 3series at 120W/ channel for the 805N and HTML-1. Front sides are 804N, not 803N, but I am running them with a Krell 250A. Lexicon MC-1 and Denon 5000 DVD. We like it.
I have a similar set up using B&W N802's for the mains,an HTM-1 for the center and N803's for the surrounds.My source components and amps are all Proceed ( PMDT /AVP / HPA-2/3). I use a Velodyne HGS-15 sub. Love it !
Have N803's in front w/HTM-1 Center, N805's in rear and Speakercraft acoustical loudspeakers for side effect channels, and Velodyne HGS 12 Sub.Lexicon MC-1, Audio Research LS-25 Pre-Amp w/Throughput for HT System. Cinepro 3k6SE 6-Channel Amp x 300+ Watts per channel. Plinius SA-100 Class A Amp for front 2. Bridged HTM-1 Center w/Cinepro and standard hookups for the N805's and AIM3's.

It's incredible that's all I can say ! The theatre doesn't even come close. I could have spent even more, lots more money, but why when it sounds so good now.