B&W N803 amp/pre amp advice please

On Saturday I purchased: B&W N803 and Arcam CD 23., Kimber 4� Bifocal X,
I currently have: Perreaux 2150B amp which produces
200wt at 8ohms and 400 watts at 4 ohms
and the Perreaux SM 2 pre amp. purchased these in 1984, sound great.
My room size is about 18X25
anyone experience Perreaux with the N803
is there a better match for me with the N803 and CD 23. I could spend up to 2k-2500 on the amp/pre amp.
My goal is to if I want TURN IT UP and hear the guitars and bass and drums maintain the clarity and the power and I get to smile making it loud, knowing this awesome guitar lead will be pure, not get distorted and have me grimace in pain..
Cable advice for this would be helpful and any ideas can be hepful.

So far in listening, I hear some muddiness in the bass, not clear and distinct and enjoyable , when loud, it gets a strained sound and the instruments get harder to single out, I don�t want this.,

I know there are a few questions here, so if it is best to answer what fits your knowledge best, then great , I say this as I don�t want to take up too much time. I know I been asking too much in too many ways.
thanks tho for those of you helping me. I am solo on this venture, I don�t have anyone to share the listening experience.the buying experience, sharing the learning experience
So, Audiogon is my partner in this fun and exciting hobby.

If you don't mind an integrated the Musical Fidelity A308 would be my recomendation.
At your budget I'd recommend Rotel's RB1090 power amp (380w/p/ch). It has plenty of refined juice to run your current hungry 803s. It's also tonally well balanced and quite musical sounding.

Try some of the newer Perreaux amps. I know this may get tiring as I keep recommending them to anyone who asks, but Perreaux's newer lines are very impressive. Great sound, great build quality. A whole lot of power, and high damping factor which keeps the speakers under control at all times. No muddiness whatsoever with the newer Perreaux amps.

If you want an integrated, and would be interested in trying a Perreaux, I'd recommend checking out either the 200iP integrated or the Radiance R200i integrated. If you need more power than 200wpc check out the 350p power amp.

If you want to try something else, that won't cost you an arm and a leg I'd recommend a used Ayre V5x which will give you a different sonic perspective, and should have enough power to drive your speakers. Check Plinius amps too, pretty good stuff, all depends on your sonic preferences.

I'm not particularly a fan or Musical Fidelity amps, but that doesn't mean anything as everyone has different priorities. Just that in my opinion they sound kind of soft, and polite...then again that is just my opinion.
You could go with the Krell 400xi rated @ 200-wpc>8-ohms / 400-wpc>4-ohms. This Integrated is only $2,500-new. Stereophile Magazine gave it an excellent review (measured @ 290-wpc>8-ohms) back in Feb. and put it on their Recommended Components" list (April) with a "Class A" rating. I use it with the Nautilus 803 and it sounds great with plenty of power, amazing build quality and 5-year warranty.
I am running my BW N 803's with a 4year old Classe CA300 and matching Classe pre-amp and CDP. The BW/Classe synergy is great. 300w @8ohms. is, in my opinion, the minimum to make those puppies really sing.
good luck,