B&W N802, Theta CB3, DN2

I'm looking for speaker system for my home theater. I'm current using Theta Casablanca III and Dreadnaught II. I'm interest in B&W N802,HTM1,and DS8S surround. Does anyone know if this is a good match for the Theta gear? also how good it sound with Theta gear?

Thanks for all of your input....
You can do far better, with another speaker system that I know of which I just heard at CEDIA, Is this a dedicated home theater or a music and theater.
Ericngo1, don't pay much attention to certain retailers recommending their own products in these threads. Your interest is not their primary concern.
Good luck
B7W SLR890Ei is the model you want to look at.
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I had the 802's and got rid of them in favor of Vandersteen. You must check Vandees out - they are very cost effective and make wonderful sound. I have the 5A's, but their less expensive Quatro is a killer.
i recently updated my CB II to a III with an extreme DAC. I was planning on upgrading my speakers but find it no longer necessary. I use aerial acoustic 10T and CC5 and SW12. The sound is supurb. I had been planning on getting the 20T but frankly it doesn't seem necessary. The aerials are a perfect match for Theta. BTW, I have a Dread II as well and biamp the CC5. I went with monoblocks for the 10T. You can pick up 10T for a steal on agon.Good luck.ken
Thanks you all of you who response to my question. I really appreciated your input.
I have a CB3w/extreme's and use the B&W 803s and the HTM3s / triad's for surrounds and find the sound very good. It's all up to your individual taste and budget.
I am using the Thiels 2.4 Rt,LT and Sc3 for center. My rears are Powerplane inwall both thiel and my sub is the SS2. I am using the CASA III and DREAD II> I like this combo better. I have alo intergrated the Crossover from thiel. Hope this will help.