B&W N802's and Room Size

I was just seeing if the bright minds here think that 802's would be too big for a 16x18 room. I currently have 804's, but have a chance to upgrade at a reasonable price.

They will be powered by a bridged MC162 on each speaker.
No, actually that sounds perfect. My room is 13 X 24 with them and I am sure they would work well in some smaller rooms also.
nope that's plenty of room for 802's.
No, the room size will not be a problem (my room is about the same size). But the amps won't cut it, I'm afraid. You need more power than 160 W/side. I run my N802s with VTL 450s and I need every last drop of power.

The N802s are very power hungry, they come alive at only louder listening levels, and a larger room also demands more power.
I could agree with Hgabert since I am using a Krell KSA300S with N802's. I wasn't thinking about the power needed but not that they won't sound great, it just depends on the music and listening level that is expected from them.
Thanks for your input guys. The MC162 is 320 watts when it is bridged, would this be sufficient?
Should be. I went from a 240 watt Conrad Johnson jm2500 to a 350 watt Mcintosh, 352 and the speakers were re-born! Good luck.
I agree (160 x 2 per side could be sufficient) - - I must not have noticed that the Macs were bridged. Sorry.

But I'm curious if MC162 bridged sounds just as good (or worse, or better) than a MC300 or MC352, which are designed as stereo amps.
I tend to agree with Hagabet, your amps may not be the best choice for the 802 speakers. Bridged amps suit high impedance, low sensitive type speakers. A bridging confirguiration doubles the power, but each amp sees a 8 ohm load as 4 ohm. Although the 802s are nominally rated at 8 ohms their specs indicate they do drop to a minimum of 3 ohms at certain freqs. This means at certain freqs each of your amps will be driving a load of 1.5 ohms! This high current demand may stress your amps, particularly when operating at high volumes.