B&W N802 owners - system matching help needed

Hi everyone. I'm thinking of making a last upgrade for awhile. I've been thinking of purchasing a used pair of N802's and need to see what everyone thinks about how they would match in my current system:

McIntosh MC2102 (100 wpc - tube)
McIntosh C2200
Cary 303/100
Cardas Golden Cross bi-wire
REL Strata III

My room is 14 x 19. I currently have Vienna Acoustic Beethovens and while I'm satisfiled with the bass output and midrange, I'm looking for a little more inner detail. I figured between the MAC and Cardas, if the N802 tweeter runs a little hot, it wouldn't be a problem, and think the MAC tube amp should be enough for them in my room.

Can you tell me if anyone has any experience with this combo or have heard it. All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
I'm not familiar with McIntosh electronics but I use a VAC preamp and amp with the same output on my N802's and I love the sound, plenty of detail without the glare. I didn't like the soundstage when bi-wired so I single wire with Audio Magic and use the B&W supplied jumpers. If you purchase the B&W's and decide to spike them I have some special things for you to try. I think you will end up with a setup you really like. You didn't mention music tastes. I listen to mostly 60's jazz and the system is voiced with that in mind.
I have a pair of 802s and have been thinking about spiking them. Can you share your "special things" to try?