B & W N802 or Shahinian Hawks?

Hi I am upgrading my speakers and am confused over either the 802s or the Hawks. Being in Qatar auditioning is not possible - I need help! I run a Naim CDX, with XPS, NAC 82 with 2 x HICAPS and a Dynavector HX 1.2, and currently Shanhinian Arcs. Any advice would be welcome.
Without any doubt whatsoever, the Shahinian Hawk would be the speaker of my choice. I own the Shahinian Diapasons and I have auditioned the 802's. I suspect the 802's would be a step down from your Arcs. Just my opinion (please no abuse from B&W owners) If you haven't found it, I could give you the link to Scott Markwels review of the Shahinian Hawks.
The B&W's (803 anyway) had a small soundstage and I know the Shaninian's throw a big soundstage, something worth noting I thought.
The sounstage of the N802 is considerably bigger than that of the N803.

There is also another option. The British NEAT loudspeaker range. Have a look at: http://www.neat.co.uk/. They are pretty good.