B&W N802 compared to 801 Matrix S3

I have a pair of B&W Matrix 801 S3 driven by a pair of Threshold T400 in mono. I also have a pair of B&W N803 in a different system diven by a Threshold S550e.
I like the mid range and highs of the N803 better than the 801 Matrix. The notes are more clear and control, transparent and with more air.
Because of my expereince with the N803 I am thinking in replacing my 801 Matrix but I wonder who the N802 compare against to the 801 Martix in bass? I love the bass of my 801 Matrix and would not like to loose it.

Any experiences or recommendations???

Although my comments are based on demos in stores, I think it's a matter of quality vs quantity. The 801S3 definitely produces more, and weightier bass. IMHO, it isn't very realistic when compared to the bass of the N802. It might be a tad leaner, but to me sounds more like real music. The smaller footprint also lends itself to better setup in the avg sized room.
You might want to try taking some measurements w/sound meter & test CD, if you haven't done so. Often, "big bass" turns out to be room modes that should really be tamed to get the balance back closer to flat. At any rate, it might give you a different perspective on some of what you're hearing from the 2 models you have now. See rives.com for more details on how to do this if you need details. Their downloadable chart makes it easy to do. Cheers, Spencer
I sold my 801 S3's to upgrade to the N802. The 801's big drivers move a lot of air, so you can really feel the impact of the bass. It was hard to contain the bass in the rooms that I used the speakers in, and there were always room modes that made the bass too thick. Saying that though I loved them and miss them! Aesthetically I felt they were dated too.
Moving up to the N802's I gained better imaging, smoother integration across the spectrum, great looking speakers (IMHO) and they are easier to drive.
Initially the lack of bass was disturbing, but after a long break-in they do a great job of reproducing musical bass - it's just not the stuff that impacts your chest as much.
So....if you love the bass of the Matrix speakers, I would imagine moving to the N801's may be the answer.
As B&W is comming out with a new line, I would wait until they do, as you will probably get a much better deal on whatever you choose.

Thanks for the heads up Richard. Do yu know when are they coming out and what's the changes?
My dealer told me B&W developed some changes in the midrange driver for the 700 series and will incorporate in the N800 series. Is this what it's about?
I also own a pair of Matrix 801 S3 and am considering to buy N802s. I agree with Wisec that I think I will miss that extra bass. I am thinking about having 802s in front and keeping my faithful matrix 801s in the back driven by a two channel poweramp. What do you think?