B&W N802 as an upgrade to 804S?

Good morning. Currently have a pair of B&W 804S. Probably a number of factors at play, but they haven't impressed me, and certianly not the way some of the higher models in the series such as 802D have in store demos. In particular, I have found the 804S difficult to listen to for any extended period. There is a harshness in the highs that is fatiguing, and a variety of music tends to sound cacophonous.

802D is out of my price range but have been considering looking for a used pair of N802. Unfortunately I haven't heard the N802 firsthand, which ultimately may prevent me from pulling the trigger. However, any thoughts on whether the N802 actually represents a signifcant upgrade to the 804S despite being older, and how much different in sound quality the N802 is from the 802D?

Current Equipment Used:
Exposure 3010S integrated amp
Rega P3 turntable, Ortofon 2m Blue
Pro-ject Tube box SE II phono stage
Jolida rerence tube cd player
Audioquest King Cobra interconnects
Tributaries bi-wire speaker cable
Monster power conditioner

Room placement:
The room is about 30' by 12' living/dining area. There are 2 steps down from dining area to sunken living room. Speakers placed at the bottom, facing living room.
The N802 is a huge step up from the 804. Unfortunately, they won't fix the what you're complaining about. A W4S amp will.
N802 is just larger bold emphasis of N804. If you're tired to quick to listen to N804, N802 will get you tired quicker. I could stand them only for 10m in the nice listening room amplified by Mac402.
I've spoken about Mac402 with N802...
Currently you are in the definite quest to get either larger power-amp(200wpc minimum) or easier speakers to drive.
Thanks for the responses. Just to be clear, I have the 804S (not N804) today.
N802 will be huge step up in clarity, soundstage/imaging, and bass response, but, as others have suggested, may even be harsher in highs if that problem exists in your current system. 804S was supposed to have better tweeter than Nautilus series, which had a ruthless metal tweet that revealed imperfect recordings that were bright/harsh. Actually, given your vinyl rig and tube CDP, I'm very surprised that you have such harshness with the 804S, and would suspect something else is going on within the system (ie, hard reflective surfaces, no room treatment). I love and own several B&Ws, including the 803N, but might consider a mellower, softer speaker (ie, soft dome tweeter?) if you cant fix the system-induced origin to the problem (just IMHO).
Thanks for your input. If the tweeter on N802 was actually harsher, then I'd agree I probably wouldn't like them. I had heard the 802D once and was really really blown away - also hooked up to a heavy McIntosh amp, in a store demo-room which probably helped too. I do have hardwood floors and placement isn't ideal for me either.
Also, wondering if bi-amping this setup with another Exposure amp would bring more power to the bass drivers. Could go from 110W/ch to 220W/ch this way.

Never quite understood the purpose of doing something like this, however, as I can't turn the volume on my current setup more than 1/4 of the way up without blowing my eardrums or getting thrown out of my apartment building.
Why N802, there are many better speakers in this price range. I had B&W speakers myself, everybody makes mistakes but dumped them , mainly because of N.
A question, what power cord are you using? I'm asking because I discovered later, I mean when I had sold the speakers that PC I was using, was partially responsible for the unbearable, fatiguing highs and hullabaloo from B&W. But the main problem was the famous N tweeter though kevlar speaker is not the best either... Check the power cord because I don't see it listed in your equipment.
I'm using the stock power cord from my amplifier (it's fixed, I think, need to check). I'm running this and all of the other components through a Monster Power HTS 2500 MKII conditioner.
The power cord should be detachable. Try some decent PC, you will be surprised as I was. Don't need to buy mega buck cables at the beginning. My first non stock PC was Signal Audio, 60$ cord, it will take you half way to the top probably. Try to to plug the cord directly into a wall socket also. Some conditioners do more harm then good. Basically all conditioners change sound , not necessarily in good way. I'm sure you'll like your speakers 50% better, if that's not enough you'll have to change them. I used Jmlab after B@W. Better speakers, better treble, faster more transparent sound, authority.
I just got the 804s and love them. I don't think they have a harshness to them at all. I think the amp playes a big part on how they sound. I did have the B&W CDM 7NTs now they had a harshness to them.
I also own 804S, but driven by McIntosh MC275 and Lamm LL2 pre and I don't get a sense of harshness, and no fatigue at all. Very nice sound, actually! The 804S driven by a 200Wpc Rotel amp and pre did sound harsh...maybe you should look at your amplification?

The N802 are likely better speakers, but they also need much more power to shine, so you are likely to continue to be short on your amplification.

BTW, I also use a REL Storm III sub to suplement the bass, with great results. I have a rather large room. Keep in mind the N802 don't go that low either, and if your room is large you are likely to also benefit from a sub.

Does your dealer have 804S on demo that you could try with other amplification?