b&w N801 and sim audio titan5.1

I have b&w N 801 804 and htm1. one the dealer told me I shold buy sim audo titan 5.1 and sim audio preamp.My question is is this amp can rerally drive N 801 well?another dealer said I shold get MC 402 ROTEL 1095 And mx 134.ANY COMMON ON THIS?
If I recall, the Titan is 5 x 200. I am sure that it will sound decent; however, to really move the 801, I am of the opinion that you need upwards of 300 watts per channel. In my experience, the little 805 sounds its best with 200 watts. I have tried 802's with a Pass X-350 and felt that the 350 watts was sufficient. Nautilus speakers, like all B&W speakers, seem to benefit from as much power as possible. In short, I do not think you will realize the full potential of the 801's with just the Titan. Of course, if you bi-amped the 801's, you would be on to something.
Tongjw - The Titan will drive the N801 fine. But unless your system is for home theatre I would recommend the Sim Audio W5 which is more musical. The the amps are very similar in design except the Titan has global negative feedback. The W5 has no global negative feedback.
I agree with Tdavism3. The N801 really like powerfull amplifiers to really sound it best. If you want a multichannel amp try Krell's KAV1500. It's 300 watts/ch in 8 ohms and double down in 4 ohms but the best way to go is separate amp or amps for your fronts. something like a Krell FPB600 or Classe CA400 or McIntosh MC501 monos as minimum.
I have N801's and they DO NOT need alot of power, but they do need a very good amp with a good power supply. On most music at loud levels they are using 30 watts max. I was using a Krell 300C but switched to a Mcintosh MC2000 and it drives them every bit as well. The speaker is 91db sensitive so it really doesn't need a lot of power. Ask the manufacture of the amp your interested in.