B&W N800, 800D, 802D for my room 16x17x8

I have a dedicated listening/hometheater room with size 16x17x8.

I'm considering B&W N800 or 800D or 802D.

I'm planning to keep it for a while.
Tight deep base is important.

Looks like N800 and 802D are about same price range.

I'm wondering if 802D will be plenty of bass for my room size. Also if it's worth paying the extra to go 800D over N800.

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Eandylee...another thing about Vandersteen speakers is they are musical...no matter what kind you are interested in.
I have owned every B&W speaker mentioned and then some. asuming no new version that I am not aware of, the 800d's are by far the best of the group! My room is a simmalar size and demention and the 800d's will work great in your room. My wife loved them, thought they were the best looking of any speaker i have owned and there have been many. I believe B&W gives you the most for your money. hope this helps. everyone has an opinion but it is only yours that truely matters. p.kogan
I still say 802N or D and spend the extra saved $$$ on other area's. I don't think we have talked about what you are using in the rest of your system unless I missed it. What is the rest like or are you starting from scratch?
I would get the 803D! they look awesome with the FST driver and 3 additional front woofers.


It may sound typical with B&W but I have been listening to them since mid 90's because they "rock" & simply play everything great.