B&W N.802 on 7" Sound Anchor speaker stands.

Has anyone owned or,listened to B&W N.802 on 7 inches Sound Anchor stands.I would like here your opinions. Thanks.
I have the exact set up. It sounds great.
I have a pair of B&W Matrix 803s on a custom-made pair of 7" Sound Anchor stands. I have a small listening room and listen in the near field. The 7" stands elevate the mid range drivers to my ear level in my listening chair. I love the way my "classic" 803s sound. I recently upgraded my small system's CD player to a Linn Ikemi. I'm sitting here in audio Nirvana listening to Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue. By the way, the 7" stands look cool. Joel
The major difference in having the Sound Anchor stands is tilting the speaker up on the front to improve the time alignment performance of the tweeter and the drivers. I do not hear much difference in bass characteristics but do prefer having the speakers on the stands compared to without.

However, it is a bitch to move if you use the spikes for the stands... not to mention N802's are not light.

BTW, recently I hooked up a 50W/ch tube integrated amp and was amazed at the sound. Anyone out there driving their N802's with tube amp?

How about stands built from granite? Any opinions?