B&W - Musical Fidelity Owners. What cables?

I have B&W 803S speakers, Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated and MF A5 CD. Can anyone with a comparable setup tell me what speaker cables, interconnects or power cables you're using and how satisfied you are with them. A brief description of their qualities would help.
Just bought an A5 to go with my Vandersteen 2Ces as I need more power now that I have moved the system to a larger room.

My choice is Harmonic Technology single crystal cables and ICs. I like the coherence and top to bottom representation and soundstaging I get with these products. Plus, for the quality I feel they are priced fairly.
I have a pair of the 803's and for Speaker cables I use Synergistic Research Tesla Accelators. In my system SR's really opened up the soundstaging and imaging. IC's are Slitech G3's and for Digital SR's Acoustic Reference. They are a bit pricy but well worth a look.

Nautilus 803 here with MF A308 integrated.

TT to integrated SR kalidiscope phase I active.
DAC to integrated same
Transport to DAC SR digital corridor phase II active.
Integrated to speakers SR signature 10 active.

Power cords are audio magic extream master for everything except the transport which is an MIT.

As far as system synergy I a very happy with my system. I feel that cables should not add their own sonic signature.
Living in the UK. B & W 805S with MF Nu Vista M3 and A5 CDP with Trichord Clock 4 and Never Connected Power Supply.
Chord Epic Speaker Cables, Chord Indigo Interconnect (murdered SPM) and all Chord Power Cables including those between Amp. and Power Supply. Massive soundstage, total transparency, natural dynamics, superb but not over the top (digital nasty) detail.
I'm very confident in recomending you Transparent cables, whatever you can afford.
I had MF 302 and B&W802N, as soon as I replaced with Transparent..... shocking difference.
Kimber 8TC speaker cable, Kimber Hero and Audio Art IC 3. Audio Art Power 1 PC. Harmonic Technology sub cable and zu ash digital cable.....but that's just me.