b&w model nautilus seashells

how do the orignial b&w nautilus seashells sound? are there better speakers in the $40k range or less? how do they compare to the best horns?
just curious and daydreaming again.
thanks for any comments!
Only heard the original nautilus at a stereophile show several years ago, they were truly spectacular. Far better than any horn I have listened to, and I have heard a lot of them including Avantgarde's etc.
I would rate them as one of the top five speakers I have heard.
Tremendous dynamic capability, airy highs, superb bass heft,tremendous portrayal of depth and pinpoint imaging.
For some reason, they did not receive a lot of press and seemed to vanish from the market quickly. Probably their $40K price had something to do with that.
BTW, the rep said they could be ordered in any Porsche color.
To sum up, a fab speaker and a sound to remember.
I too have heard them several times, at the Stereophile show and at a local dealer. They are NOT a horn speaker!

They were fabulous. I met a man who owned them and the Matrix 800's. He felt that they lacked the dynamics of the 800's but were more detailed. I agree.

The Nautilus speaker was never meant for retail sale, but as a statement. B&W was actually surprised at how many they did sell. Remember that at $40K, they also required qaud amplification and came with the 4 way electronic crossover and no passive x-over.

(BTW, the the 800's also benefit greatly by being actively biamped. It gives a great deal more detail, etc.)

Rwwear, I'm sure lots of people do, but I could never enjoy the true quality of their sound. I'm sure the HF and some midrange would be lost listening through the closet door, which is where I'd be forced to keep them. ;)
from what i have read so far, the nautilus seem to be very transparent, dynamic, and truly full range. they are obviously no horns, but i am curious as to how they compare in transparency and dynamics. if they hold up against avantgarde trios plus basshorns, my other dream, then the nautilus' much smaller form and price tag will make me drool even more. although the cost savings will go straight to the additional amps needed...

i think they are the most beautiful, unique, bold works of speaker art in appearance alone.
The Nautilus designer now involved with Vivid .vividspeakers.com.
See the similarity in design ?