B&W mid driver plug on the 800 series....

Has anyone any insight in the differences between the plastic plug as opposed to the aluminum plug? The owners manual only suggests if one listenens without grills, the plastic plugs should be removed and the solid aluminum ones installed.

The speakers in question, the 802D's are new and haven't been properly broken in as of yet. Just wondering about the benefits of the aluminum plug.


If they are like the Nautilus series one has a hole in the front for the grill, the other does not.

I have a pair of custom Ebony plugs made for the nautilus series speakers. I use my grills so they sit in a box.
In some woofers the metal phase plug serves as a heat sink to cool down the voice coil. So metal would be more effective than plastic in this regard. It is unclear if the B&W Nautilus midrange woofers are designed that way.