B&W Matrix tweeter repair

I have a B&W tweeter for a B&W HTM center channel. The circular plastic band that secures the metal screen and some internal components to the plastic speaker housing has snapped. Now the metal screen continues to fall off. The speaker sounds fine so I do not believe the speaker is defective in any other regard. I would appreciate any suggestions for re-banding the tweeter.

Contact the B&W part department. B&W 800-370-3740

If teh part is not available, try a few dropt of some weak glue that can be removed easily (like Elmer's glue)
Plastic housing and various parts for the Matrix series tweeter can be had for $15-20.00 directly from B&W. I just got mine last week. Cheers.
Thank you for your replies. I have contacted the B&W parts department and left a message.
Just a FYI, the person there takes her time in returning call. So be patient and try leaving several messages. Eventually she will get back to you. Good luck.
The new tweeter metal screen has arrived so I am a happy camper. The sales support people from B&W were extremely helpful in filling this order. Another reason for loving B&W products.
"new tweeter metal screen" - you mean the diaphragm? Is it easy to replace? I am also trying to fix my matrix 805's tweeter.
No, Yfei, the metal screen refers to the grill cover for the tweeter. I think you can still buy a brand new Matrix 805 tweeter from B&W (at least when I spoke to B&W in June 2008) but it will cost a few hundreds dollars (~$250.00). Alternatively, if the tweeter diaphragm was pushed in, and you want to get it replace, you can send your old tweeter in for refurb which costs significantly less (~$150.00 if I recall correctly).
Or if you are handy you can replace the tweeter diaphragm for about $40. Don't forget that option, I did one earlier this year.
Hey B&W fans,like myself...try BWGROUP-SUPPORT.COM everything you want.Derek.