B&W Matrix bass filter question

I have a Mesa Baron Tigris integrated tube amp which I love and am considering a pair of B&W Matrix 802 Series 2 speakers but am concerned about hooking up the outboard bass filters. My Tigris has a pair of pre-amp outs that I'm using for my sub and also has a tape loop which I'm not using. Any insight and advice would be appreciated.
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First of all, you may not want to use the B&W filter at all.

Hook it up in the tape loop. Then you can compare it easily with or without it. I would almost bet you will end up not using it at all.

I own the B&W800's and before I actively biamped them I tried the B&W filter and didn't like it. I felt that it degraded the sound more than it helped. Now I use Krell's KBX active x-over which includes the bass alignment filter function, but with Krell quality. The overall result is fabulous.

If you do get the 802's with the filter, please let us know YOUR opinion.

I had a 801 series 2 ( for years ) and didn't use the filter at all. Tried it didn't like it. If you can find a nice pair buy em and forget about the filter completely
I have a pair of B&W 801 Matrix S2 and I use 2 Krell B&W filters in balanced mode with Transparent Ultra XL XLR cables to a Mark Levinson 336 amp. Speaker cable is Acoustic Zen Ref II biwire. The speakers are on Sound Anchor stands. The sound is absolutely first rate and I think the filters give a smooth less thunpy bass. I more growl on the low end of some bass notes. Pick up a used one in single ended an try it; always can buy a second one. The filters are rare and Krell no longer makes them.