B W Matrix 805s vs Nautilus 805s

Im thinking about upgrading to the N805.
Are the N805 much better that the M805s???
My system consist of:::::ARAGON 24K...PREAMP
Yes they are better. Why not buy a pair of n804 or matrix 802 series3?
Danz, the Nautilus 805s are much better, then the Matrix 805 speakers. The Nautilus sound more articulate and sweeter. I'm using the Nautilus 805 speakers with the Velodyne ULD 15 sub. This combo sounds awesome. The best speakers BW Makes, is the Nautilus 801, Nautilus 802 and the Nautilus 805 with a good sub. The Nautilus 805 with a good sub, will blow away the Nautilus 803 and 804.
Danz, Twilo is not very imfomative. The N805 are no where near as good as the n803. The n805s are great and with a sub equal to a n804. n803 are a fullrange speaker where the 805s are not. The n801 and n802 are not the best speakers b&w make. The nautilis 800 and the actual nautilis are the top of the line. So money is the deciding factor and your ears. Good Luck
Lev335, I know exactly what i'm talking about. I A/Bed the Nautilus 803 speakers to the Nautilus 805s with the Velodyne ULD 15 sub. I was shocked how much better the 805s with the Velodyne sub were. Thats why i bought this combo. The Nautilus 803 are not good. The bass is terrible and the bass does not blend in with the Midrange tweeter part. Plus this speaker is to laid back. The Nautilus 802s are light years better then the Nautilus 803s. The bass is superior on the 802s and the Bass blends in so much better on the Nautilus 802s. How BW could make this Nautilus 803 speaker for 5000 dollars, that use 2 6 1/2 midbase drivers as woofers. Instead of using 2 6 1/2 midbase drivers as woofers. They should have used a 10 inch or 12 inch woofer.
Twilo, Chill out!! There is no way the 805s @2,000 come even close to the n803s everyone who has ever tried the two says the same. Stop arguing the truth please. Call B&W they will tell you the same thing. Think about what your saying. Maybe its the equipment your using? Or your dealer? No offense. I tried the n805s with a rel sub and then the 803 and the rel sub went to the lowest bass notes. The n803 sounded better on a whole. And no one would buy a pair of n805 over a pair of n803s because they sound better it would be a room issue to buy the 805s. Listen I agree the n802s are better but they dont blow the n803s away. They have better bass thats for sure. They also have a little more resolution than the n803s because of the enclosed midrange which the n803 also has an enclosed midrange but it is done inside the cabinet. Also the 802s are $8,000 and the 803s are $5,000 and you say the 802s are light years better then the 803s? Then the 803s at $5,000 and the 805s at $2,000 makes the 803s light years better than the 805s? Think about what your saying. Also if you think the n803s are laid back then what do you think of your n805s? Its the same sonic signature in the entire line.It would be a good idea if you had a long talk with a B&W rep. What do use for gear? I use:
Mark Levinson 39
Krell FPB 200c
Harmonic Tech. Cables
Maybe its a synergy thing. Maybe the gear I use is a very good combination with my speakers I dont know. But it sounds awesome. And Iam sure your system sounds great too.
Levinson335, I think he's saying the Nautilus 805s with the Velodyne sub is better, then the Nautilus 803s.
I would have to say that the Nautilus' are better than the Matrix series,from my limited point of view, in so much as I heard the Martix at a friends and the Nautilus at home and on different components. This a magnum dynalab 208 reciever. Very smooth, very nice and it did it for me. I would like to add to the discussion above in that to me the 803's were more laid back and not quite as quick on its heel as the 805's. Maybe in the upper midrange where the 805's woofer starts to break up the 803's have it, but with a good sub I DID choose the 805's over the 803's when I could have taken either. The reason: I would not have to spend as much on amplification, they sounded more lively, and the extension of the 803's would not have gone lower that the 805's with a sub. If I had a much larger room I may have gotten the 803's only because they seem to do the soundstage thing a little wider, and I mean just a little, when you sit with more distance between you and the speakers.
Matrix series are warmer while the nautilus series are much more transparent, hence sound leaner. Its upto individual preferences. I'm using the matrix series and am mighty happy. Yes - I've been persuaded to changeover but have declined and it remains that till today! As I said, its your own individual listening preferences.
I've extensively a/b the Nautilus line when moonlighting in stereo sales at a high end audio store

I prefer the 805 with a good sub to the 803 and 804
You hear too much of the cabinet resonances in the 803 and 804 which are not present in the 805.

speaker placement is critical

The 802 seemed to have the best balance of all
The 801 was slow and imprecise. The bass frequencies sounded a little bloated

just my opinions based on my own ears
What about the Nautilus 804's. How are they?