B W Matrix 805 or CDM 1NT for music.

I'm just curious whether CDM 1NT or Matrix 805 is better. Below are the advantage I found for each model.
- CDM 1NT have New Nautilus tweeter and they are a newer model.
- Matrix 805 was replaced by Nautilus 805 which is a step higher than CDM 1NT. Matrix805 also have matrix construction.

Any opinion would be appreciate.
I have compared the cdm1se with the 805 matrix. Both speakers need decnt power to sound their best. The 805 performed like a real monitor speaker, very neutral and extremely detailed. With good power they can go deeper than the cdm1's. The cdm 1se's were balanced more sound fuller with a hump in the midbass they are in some ways more musical and not so clincal as the 805's. I imagine with the NT design which I have heard is much better than the SE. i would say that the cdm would be smoother and easier to live with on a wide variety of recordings and the 805's would have a flatter somewhat depper bass and very little boxy coloration due to the amazing amount of lumberin those little boxes. I apologize for the ramble but fear not, dinner is on the way.
If you can find a pair in good shape (should be able to), get the original CDM-1 (before the SE version). The "first order" crossover is well balanced and perfect for music, not the lump of mid bass and strong midrange balance (or should I say out of balance) as in the SE version mentioned, (SE and NT have a second order crossover). You will not need a lot of power to drive them well like the M805s. B&W went to the second order crossover, because they are much easier to mass-produce. (A victim of their success). The Nautilus type tweeter (its not the same tweeter as in the nautilus) I suppose is very slightly better, but the original CDM-1 is such a well balance speaker, who cares. It is the CDM-1 version that won all the audio awards. I own a pair now in my den/home office system and also had (past tense) a pair of M805s which I sold. (See which ones I kept).
CDMs don't "need" a ton of power, but they sure do love it. THat flabby section in the mid bass is better controlled with a high current amp. I just switched from 60W to 200W and it's like I bought new speakers at the same time.