B&W Matrix 802 series III or Soliloquy 6.3?

I need some advice on choosing between these two speakers. Any advice would be helpful, experiances with either speaker.

I have never heard the B&W, but own the Soliloquy. I am extremely happy with these. First, they are beautiful speakers which helps with spousal approval. They are the smoothest speakers that I have ever listened to, although I have not auditioned many beyond this pricepoint. The highs are silky smooth, detailed without being bright. The bass, wow, the bass is what sets these apart from others. It is solid. The thing I was most looking for when purchasing speakers was 1. being musical (Some speakers are more detailed, but this doesn't always translate to better sounding. I didn't want anything that sounded "clinical") 2. Non-fatiguing I wanted to be able to listen for hours without getting a headache. I've heard certain components(not just speakers) over the years that sounded great, for a short time, but you just couldn't listen for a long period of time. I believe that this has to do with a lack of a balanced sound (too bass heavy or too bright, too bright being the case most of the time.) 3. I also wanted a speaker that was versatile with different types of music. Some are good with chamber or orchestral music, some are good with acoustic music, some can rock. These are consistently good with all that I listen too. Hope this helps.
I use Soliloquy 6.3s also and I have yet to find a more efficient speaker with weight and dynamics any where near it's price range.Clingman is correct about these speakers.The 6.3s need a good 500 hrs of break in to be fairly judged.But once their broke in WoW! Really need good components with these because they are sensitive to midfi junk.Pair them with good components and they will easily compete with speakers 2 to 3 times their retail price!The baffels on these speakers are 2 inches thick.Try to find a speaker in this price range that is built as well with a 8 ohm impedence and a response between 25 hz/20 khz.No sub maybe needed when watching movies.I have ran them with a 25 watts per side amp and it can run me out of the room.While also creating room shaking bass on some tracks.I believe with the 6.3s and the two components I use with them, some of my fellow audiophiles feelings are hurt when they come over and listen to a system half the price of theirs!Good luck with your search.
Just be aware, the B&W 802 series III are power hungry even at 91 db sensitivity. I needed to upgrade from a 100wpc Adcom amp to a Citation 7.1 brigded @ 450wpc to get the response I was looking for.

Hope this helps,