B&W matrix 801 s2 with Electrocompaniet ECI 4 amp?

Has anybody listened B&W matrix 801 speakers with Electrocompaniet ECI 4 integrated amp? I think ECI 4 can give very good sound quality, but it is powered
"only" 2 x 125 watts for 8 ohms. Too little for 801's? Thanks in advance.
Too little.You need at least 200 - 300 watts of good SS to make them sing. Mosly due to impedance issues. Jim
I agree with Jim94025. I have a pair of B&W 801s SII and I was using a Nakamichi PA 7 with 200 watts per channel, but upgraded to a Mark levinson 336 at 350 watts per channel at 8 ohms. At lower impedence the amp just keeps providng power with no strain . The B&Ws need lots of clean power and are very revealing, so you must consider all componnets including cabels to really make these speakers sing.