B@W Matrix 800 speakers

I would like to hear from owners of the speakers, about how they set them up? Distance from rear wall, side wall distance and how far a part from each other. Did you like them with the top and bottom  cabinets facing center or facing out? What size of room did you have them in?
@68pete. Pete are u still interested in your question? Sorry but just saw it now.  Mike 
Hey Pete. Sorry been busy working. First I want to say my listening room is very awkward. My home is a cape so if u know about capes the ceilings are sloped. Before I put together my system I had 2 bedrooms up stairs and low sloped ceilings. Plywood floors with cheap carpet. I had a contractor come in and tear down the 2 bedrooms and make one large room the length of the house. With 2 dormers and 3 sky lights. Also he raised the ceilings as much as he could. And 2 ceiling fans one on each end of the room. Now getting back to your question. My speakers are 3.5 ft from rear wall. 3.9 ft apart. And top and bottom cabinets facing out. I did try them facing in and found the sound stage is bigger facing out. My length of my room is 32 ft. And my listening position is 12 ft from speakers. Facing my speakers, the left speaker is 32 in. from side of wall , but the top of the speaker is right to the sloped ceiling. The right speaker is about 5 ft from the wall. But then there is the dormer which is about 8 ft. from the speaker. Now where I sit the width is about 8 ft from wall to wall. Because I have the down stairs door and steps next to the downstairs door is a wall in closet. Then it is about the exact same dimensions as were my system. Also have hard wood oak floors with throw rugs. Like I said it’s a very awkward room. But the sound of my system is phenomenal. These speakers are really very room friendly. Hope u can understand what I said about the room. It’s very hard to describe and measure. Hope I made sense. And hope that helped ya. Mike 
Also like to listen to the speakers with the grills off. To me it’s more detail. 
Thanks for the reply and info. My 800s are about 12 feet apart and 3 feet from rear wall with the right channel about 4 feet from the side wall. The left has no real side wall and is near a arch that goes into a small entryway. The ceiling  on the left is 20 feet high and on the right its 10 high feet so i have a good slope too. I sit about 12 feet from them with no rear wall ,another arch goes into the dinning room. with no rear wall in it. So the rear wall is 48 feet in the kitchen. I do have them toed in about 2 inches. They sit on a thick carpet and pad over a cement pad. The factory spikes are really to short for the thickness of the carpet. I feel my sound stage between the speakers is great.Very tall and detailed. depending on the volume and the recording the sound stage on the outside of the speakers changes from great to ok. May in the near future I will  try moving the base cabinets so the points is facing out.
Thanks again Pete
Pete. Kinda sounds like my room with your room having bigger dimensions. How long have you had your 800 s. Do u have the Krell B&W bass alignment filters ?  And mine are the all black ones. What color are yours. The wood finishes are beautiful. I bought these speakers from a guy in Texas about 2 and a half years ago. I never heard the sound of these speakers. But I did hear the 801 in the 90s and totally loved the sound of them. But for a guy in his 20s back then that was just a dream and couldn’t afford them as they were  about $5500 from a dealer in NJ. Anyway I saw the 800s in stereophile June 91. And read and saw photos of them and I was in awe. I totally fell in love with them. 
I have had my 800s about 15 years now. Purchased them from a local B@W dealer going out of business. He had all the original crates and jumpers they came with. Since then i have up grade the jumpers to High Fidelity level 2 jumpers. That helped improve the base and imagine. They where his personal speakers. I heard them right next to the 800D first year model and liked them a lot better. They are black in color. I have never heard them with the base line filters. I am getting pretty good base with them, when i started adding High Fidelity Cable Power cords and Power conditioner distributer. I like their products a lot. My system is very simple Esoteric CO3x Preamp, Esoteric KO3x disc player and a Mark Levinson 335 amp. With Transparent Reference speaker cable MM2, Transparent interconnects Reference XL XLR MM2 all calibrated for the equipment they are attached to by Transparent. I feel the sound i getting now will compete with some of the newer high priced gear. They are keepers.

@68pete. It sounds a lot like my system. My system is pretty basic too. I have the Krell Fpb 600 with the ARC Ref 6. Rega Isis Cdp. B&W Krell baf. (2) balanced. (Bass alignment filters). StraightWire Crescendo IC balanced and StraightWire Crescendo speaker cable. No Tt. I only listen to cds. I would never part with my 800s. I will have them til I die and then leave them for my son. My whole system too. Too bad we weren’t closer. We could of got together. Mike.