B&W matrix 800 or genesis V

Hi all, I have owned my B&W matrix 800's for some years now and have a chance to get a pair of genesis V's at 3900 euro...
Would it be a good move to sell my Matrix 800's in favour of the GENESIS v?
I have never heard the Genesis speakers but the combination of active woofers, passive mid and highs and adjustability appeals to me. I am worried about reliability though... with my matrix 800 nothing ever goes wrong, the genesis do seem complex...
I use mcintosh c46 and mcintosh mc500 at the moment, accuphase dp500 cd source.
I had 800s (yrs very long time ago and a recent 801 model) and I still have the Vs.

The Vs create a wide and deep soundstage behind the spkrs. They are difficult to place correctly in the room but they are indeed adjustable and, at the end of the day, reasonably user-friendly.
They will not offer the fast-in-your-face sound of the 800; OTOH the Vs' frequency response is slightly more extended than the 800, esp in the bass. They are difficult to drive well, perhaps less so than yr present 800s, so you are used to that.
You will probably find that the sound is less sharp, or harsh if you will, than the 800: the Genesis use a pseudo-ribbon tweet (planar) which is the reason for this. However there is no actual loss of information.

The trick with both speakers is to play loud, as you do not get many dynamics with either, esp with the V unless you play @ around 85dB. However, the V will sound better in low spl than the 800. What they Gen V will NOT manage is very high spl: I'd say around 100dB is their millisecond max; the 800 go louder.

Reliability: no problem as long as you use adequate amplification. Some users reported problems with blown tweeters, but most of these cases were due to insufficient amplification power. I never had problems with mine (1996 model!!!).

OK, here is an opinion: the Vs are slightly better speakers because they are more complete -- in a nutshell, the symphony orch will be better reproduced by the Vs than the 800 matrix. But that's as far as this goes. The 800 are just as legendary and justly so.

One small point: 3900 euro seems a tad high for these; 3.3-3.5k would be more like it, IMO.
A little while ago, a pair of V's was selling for $2500 US out of Chicago.

The question is: Do you deserve to own Genesis?
Thanks a lot for the reaction guys, this is the info I was hoping for! Never thought anyone would have had both of these speakers, but you can not get better info then that! I usually listen at low spls. Which system do you run on the genesis and before on the matrix 800 Gregm?
With Mcintosh the 800's do not sound harsh at all so maybe this amp can be too sweet for the genesis.
Importing from USA to Europe will be super expensive so too bad for the Chicago ones Ngjockey
As for if I deserve them? Well I am used to having active speakers before my 800's and I miss the adjustability and the bass was just that bit faster and deeper...
The system I used on both was Symphonic Line rg3 pre & Symphonic Line rg-4 mono's (S. Yorke TT & a Symphonic Line Reference cd player as sources)

Later, the amplification was changed to Kraft 250 class A, driven by transformer volume based passive pre (Music First Audio).
Don't worry about your amp at all: if it can drive the 800, it will do fine with the Vs.