B&W Matrix 800 crossover freqenties??

HI everybody,

I just removed all the filters and reroute the filter of the High/mid units. So the speakers are prepared to go active.

Now if I'm using a active universal crossover. kan someone tell me what are the crossover freqenties of the B&W Matrix 800?? or slopes whatever you call them???

These are anyway the freqenties I need to install in the unit

please help me out here


Here's all the info:

Frequency range : (-6dB points)19Hz - 21kHz
Bass loading : Sixth-order Butterworth alignment
Frequency response : 23Hz - 20kHz ± 2dB free-field
Dispersion : 20Hz - 20kHz
Horizontal : +0 - 3dB over 60°arc
Vertical : +0 - 3dB over 10°arc
Sensitivity : 93dB for 2.83V at 1m
Distortion : For 100dB at 1m
Second harmonic :
<1.0%20Hz - 70Hz
<0.5%70Hz - 20kHz
Third harmonic :
<1.0%20Hz - 50Hz
<0.5%50Hz - 20kHz
Crossover : Second and fourth-order acoustic
responses at 380Hz and 3kHz
Impedance : 4Ohm(minimum 3Ohm)
Drive units : Two 300mm(11 3/4in) high-power
Polymer cone bass
Two 126mm(5in) Kevlar cone midrange
One 32mm(1 1/4in) ferrofluid-cooled,
metal dome high-frequency
Power handling : Suitable for amplifiers of 150W-800W
Dimensions : Height : 1915mm(75 3/8in)
Width : 488mm(19 1/4in)
Depth : 590mm(23 1/4in)
Weight : 110kg(240 lb)
Cabinet finish : Standard black or white
Optional : selected pair-matched real wood veneers of black ash, birds-eye maple, natural oak, rosewood or walnut
Special : on application

The xover points are 380Hz and 3KHz.

I used to own a pair of Matrix 800's.....in fact I still owe the buyer the bass alignment filter.....if I could only find it! I put it away as I liked the sound better without it.

I hope this helps!


Paul :-)
But what are the slopes (1order 2order etc.??)


Note that the electrical high and low-pass frequencies may not be symetrical, that the stated acoustic slopes include driver effects, and that the passive cross-over may include notch filters to tame driver resonances.

Attempting to duplicate the cross-over without measurement capabilities or input from B&W is not a good idea.