B&W LCR600 s3 or HTM2 center speaker

Help me decide please, not sure if I should upgrade to the HTM2 for my HT.
I presently bought a lcr600 s3 but thinking that I should've got the HTM2 center for clearer dialog but not sure if it is a better speaker.
now using L/R front b&w 602's but eventually will upgrade those as well, AVR is Marantz 5004.
thank you
My experience with the HTM2 when I was running 805's in the front of my home theater was that is was much better than the lcr600 (I returned the 600). However, I must qualify that statement with the fact that I no longer use a center channel speaker.
Hi Jaffeassc,
Thank you very much for your input I was'nt sure as to when the HTM2 came out and thought that the lcr600 might've been newer technology.
The HTM61 and 62 incorporate the latest B&W loudspeaker technology for the 600 series. They incorporate B&W's "FST" technology and how it improves the issue of standing waves in the center of the mid-range drivers, shorter signal path between tweeter and drivers and cross-over components, etc. I have the HTM61 and it is fabulous for the price. Great for voice reproduction in movies but also don't forget it also reproduces music in both films and audio. Suggest you read about FST technology at B&W's website for the 600 series. Much improved over the LCR600 as Tesseract86 states.
Hello Pdn,
I'm experimenting with the lcr600 I just bought a subwoofer a paradigm seismic 110 it replaces the seismic 10 & 12, the sub handles lows.
I set the crossover to 100 hz from 80hz on the AVR because the lcr600 voices were too boomy.
My room is good size @ approx 20x17 open floor plan and 12 foot ceiling and in most parts high as 16 feet.
Thanks for the heads up about the htm61 & "fst" technology I'll look into it.