I am looking to find a htm3s center channel, i prefer the cherry finish to match my fronts. ideas on where i can find one, they seem to be very hard to find... i have tried here and ebay and craigslist... other ideas?
i currently have a htm4s center that is doing my center channel work.

thank you
I forgot to mention, i need the center in black. i really really really like the htm4s, mine is in cherry finish, but the wife wanted it in black instead. so now i have to sell my cherry one, (2 months old... don't get me started on that one) and find a black one. so i was looking at getting the htm3s but they are way way way expensive and hard to find. i don't believe i can pay all that extra money for the 3.

so back to the question of where to look?
I am not looking forward to selling my 2 month old htm4s. i am having a hard time putting a price on it.
Grow a set of balls and keep the cherry one.
Thanks.... she let me purchase the speakers.... i owe.... but a nice suggestion.
Ideas an where to be on price?

Subscribe to the Audiogon Bluebook...there you will find information on selling ranges.
Fair enough.
I can offer 950 cash:)
A little higher and we may have a deal... are you local in Florida?
I am in Florida yes.
Make me a better offer, maybe we can work something out.


i have it listed on here for sale if you want to see pictures and details.